The investment firm Boost VC fund Ethereum technology projects

Known in the Bitcoin industry venture capital investment firm Boost VC announced that it is expanding its list of interesting projects and will invest in projects and start-ups associated with the Ethereum technology.

Boost VC is on the market since 2012 and during this time has financed more than 50 BTC - and blockchain projects. Now the founders Brayton Williams and Adam Draper willing to invest in projects created using the Ethereum, like an additional investment opportunity.

Details about the reasons for such a decision were blogged by Brayton Williams.

«Ethereum developers demonstrated integrity as a team with clearly marked leader. Founder Ethereum Acne Buterin shows progress, and shows us the results. Ethereum is used in a meaningful way, and I believe that the team and its contributors will continue to work together, and show results. This will Ethereum flourish as a platform, gives people the opportunity to build a meaningful business. "

Williams also notes that the platform makes it possible to build projects over Ethereum, and BoostVC portfolio there are several companies that use this technology.

"We understand the reasons for this attention and encouraged by the growing number of people working with this technology. "

"For three years we have seen all the difficulties associated with the launch of blockchain companies, and hope to be able to share this experience outside of Bitcoin. At the same time, bitcoin is still our first love, and the bulk of our investments will continue to be directed to it. " According to Williams, Boost VC is willing to listen to anyone who is thinking about creating a company that uses Ethereum technology. Those interested can write directly on William’s mail (at)

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