PayPal blocked Bitcoin-parody of its commercial

It has recently been launched advertising campaign, positioning PayPal, as the "new money". Advertising company received feedback from cryptocurrency bitcoin users.

As part of this campaign, the network distributed video where PayPal service opposed to the traditional "old money" that "close to five pm," at the time, such as PayPal operates round the clock and has a lot more advantages. The slogan of the campaign is: PayPal - new money.

However, this campaign has received a response from the bitcoin community. Someone Shiloh Silverman, studio owner, dedicated video recording Silver Park Studio, posted a YouTube parody of the movie where the heroes of the video used bitcoin. The slogan in this video was the phrase "Bitcoin - the newest money".

Once shattered parody video on the network, the administration announced YouTube request to block video. On Monday the video was available. On the eve of the representatives of PayPal by e-mail comments on the removal of clips of bitcoin. A spokesman for the company said that its concept of new money includes bitcoin:

"But in order to avoid misunderstandings of our customers, we are asked to remove this video. This imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think that this shows how our customers liked the concept behind the campaign PayPal "new money".

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