Concept Segregated Witness launched a new test Bitcoin network

Bitcoin Core developers have started the initial implementation of the concept Witnesses chapters (SegWitness) in a special test Bitcoin network called SegNet. The launch of the new network was held on 31 December.

Network SegNet allows developers to experiment with the concept, which has already received positive responses and aims to increase the scalability, extensibility, and performance of the network Bitcoin.

As with the original test network, SegNet Bitcoin is a clone, a kind of demo. To start a new test network concept author Peter Ville and his colleagues from Bitcoin Core Lombroso Eric Johnson Lau, Alex Morcos and others constructed a set of patches, activating the initial cycles Segregated Witness.

Speaking about the ongoing tests, Eric Lombroso, who is also the CEO of the Ciphrex company, he noted that at this stage the project is in the development stage, and to talk about any results would be premature.

"We may even change the design of Merkle tree, and we continue to see a number of different options to improve the usability of miners. We are testing different settings and at some stage SegNet restarts. But on the whole network works, and over the past few days we have had a number of transactions ", - quotes Lombroso Bitcoin Magazine.

"We are not ready to implement Segregated Witness to the existing network of Bitcoin, but SegNet allows us to experiment, and it is very good for the whole process."

Recall that the concept Segregated Witness Peter Ville was introduced in December 2015 at a conference in Hong Kong ScalingBitcoin. The proposed idea was enthusiastically accepted by a large part of the bitcoin community and included a key part of the roadmap to increase the size of the block at the time proposed by Gregory Maxwell.

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