Coinbase blocked user specified by the vulnerability in the system

Curiously post on Reddit tells how one customer Coinbase helped to eliminate a potentially major vulnerability in the system, but instead of gratitude he was blocked.

As stated in the detailed explanation of what happened, at some point Coinbase faced a serious vulnerability that could potentially lead to loss of funds in the system and the bankruptcy of the company. It particularly goes about the service Vault, which is used by many users for secure storage of bitcoins.

The user said he was surprised to discover discovered that has the ability to display an unlimited amount of bitcoins that he does not belong. Technically, no one could create a negative balance on the platform, but screenshot shows that this is exactly what he could do.

Fortunately for Coinbase, the user turned a decent man, and instead, to take advantage of this opportunity for personal gain, he notified the company about the problem. It is worth noting that, in addition to the purely physical loss of funds, the fact that such information suddenly became public, it could cost the company several million dollars.

After receiving notification of the problem occurring, Coinbase within the corporate program thanks for these vulnerabilities returned thanks to the original user, adding to his account by $ 5,000. However, to take advantage of a sudden fall down on it a bonus that could not - after some time the company has blocked the account, making it impossible to carry out any operations in the system.

Agree, this is not quite the reaction to an event that you would expect from a multi-million company. The most amazing thing, however, happened later: Coinbase soon received a second notification of a similar problem, but this time the engineers responsible for the interaction with users, noted issue tickets as nothing more than "representing information of interest."

Perhaps this is due to the fact that they received the exact instructions for how to respond to such messages. However, it is also known that at the moment it remains unclear whether the experts were able to fix the vulnerability Coinbase.

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