Stampery can help to assure documents in blockchain

Spanish startup Stamperia announced receipt of investment of $ 600,000 from Draper Associates, Boost VC, Blockchain Capital and Di-Ann Eisnor, which will allow it to reach a new, more qualitative level of the main services of the company - the notarization of documents in blockchain.

The procedure for certification takes place by sending attachments to a personal e-mail address of the Stampery client system. It is also possible to integrate the platform API to the client application, the work with the site, as well as the certification of the documents directly to the user dropbokse.

The company plans to replace notaries, took the opportunity of blockchain technology - it produces legally binding confirmation of all important documents that were provided for this. If you want to verify that you are viewing the unmodified document, you can confirm the existence, integrity and ownership of it by blockchain.

As is the case with all the usual notaries Stampery services may be needed for issues related to intellectual property, wills, powers of attorney, contracts and other important documents. Greatly simplify the procedure of certification documents, Stampery hopes that this will soon become everyday simplicity, since most probably prefer to use the computer at home, rather than go to a notary public.

The company updated its API, which now allows anyone to affix Stump on an unlimited number of documents in blockchain. The service has introduced a new way to confirm the identity of the author of the document - the number of public identity associated with blockchain allowing to refer to this number at any time. As a result, notarization is done by a real and legitimate document. Using blockchain makes hacking data Stampery virtually impossible - all the evidence stored in blockchain, and therefore can not be changed. Any independent third party may also verify the authenticity of the documents, and even if the company ceases to exist, blockchain ensure validity of any such document, and in a hundred years.

Earlier, the Californian developer Santiago Siri had a successful experiment with the technology blockchain, notarized in digital form birth certificate of his daughter.

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