British company offers Bitcoin-investment in parking

Delta Business Management, perhaps, is one of many companies that are active in the bitcoin sector, but offered by her a model is quite unexpected. Attempts to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto currency economic models taken more than a year, and as one of the solutions it offers to holders of bitcoin investments in parking lots near London Gatwick Airport.

You can often hear that cryptocurrency is not apply to products or services of the material world. But hardly anyone would argue that the parking space at the airport Gatwick is quite a material thing. It can be purchased for bitcoins. Investors, according to preliminary estimates, will receive an annual income of 8% in the first two years. According to the company, the value is written in the contract with the Park First and therefore fully guaranteed. However, on the third and fourth years of the guarantee does not apply - but given the inevitable popularity of services, the amount of income could rise to 10% per year.

Parking includes all available off-site locations on the first stage of the project Park First. Bitcoin investors have an opportunity to invest in the second phase of the project, which are several hundred new jobs. Each such place will cost £ 25,000, or a corresponding amount of bitcoins on the day of purchase. Interested parties have to deposit the desired amount of Bitcoin via omniwallet, and the asset will go into their property. All profits generated by assets in pounds sterling, which are then converted into the investor's local currency.

Delta Business Management is not resting on its laurels and intends to introduce technology blockchain in their business processes. This will allow the company to pay dividends in the digital currency rather than fiat money. The company also intends to use the smart contracts, and more will be known about this in the coming months. In addition, in the future it plans to release Delta ID Coin, which will distribute the dividend on blockchain. Project details should be known closer to the time of its launch.

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