Bitfinex bank cards can be used at millions of ATMs

Bitfinex concluded a partnership with Blade Payments to issue debit cards denominated in Bitcoin, which can be used for payments or convert into cash directly from any ATM.

In a press release sent to several news agencies (including Silicon Angle, CoinJournal and CoinReport), bitcoin exchange Bitfinex and provider payments Blade Payments announced their partnership to issue debit cards denominated in Bitcoin, and intended for customers Bitfinex . According to the press release, cardholders can pay them online, in traditional stores, as well as "to receive cash in millions of ATMs worldwide." The press release did not specify what kind of international network of ATMs will accept a new bank card, but promises that its use will not pose difficulties.

This is not the first debit card denominated in the virtual currency. Many bitcoin company issued credit cards, including Xapo, Coinjar, Bit-X and Bitstamp. But in many cases, to use a bank card, its owner must first convert your bitcoins in traditional currency. In addition, these cards usually are expensive (according CoinJournal, issue of a credit card Xapo worth $ 20 annual fee for it - $ 12, and each use of the card at an ATM costs an additional $ 2.5. According to the press release, Bitfinex card offers "a cheap and convenient alternative bitcoin costs and generate cash." However, the tariffs in the press release are not listed.

Bitfinex and Blade Payments hope that a debit card "will be necessary to solve the problem of liquidity faced by many users of Bitcoin." It is unclear whether the use of the card owners laytkoynov also available in the exchange area Bitfinex.

A few months later clients Bitfinex, living in Europe and in Asia, will be able to order the card through the website Bitfinex. The press release says nothing about bitcoin exchange customers living in other parts of the world.

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