Social media resource platform BitCharities BitLanders starts to collect donations

Social media resource BitLanders launches a new platform BitCharities, which makes it possible to carry donations for charitable purposes and non-profit organizations. Moreover, all donations will be listed for a specific charitable purpose. In other words, the service connects charities with sponsors.

BitLanders is a social media platform that rewards people via cryptocurrency for their activity on the Internet. Awards are designed to gamers, as well as active users of social networks. Members receive rewards at the end of each day, and they are distributed on the basis of voting.

Thus, BitLanders aims to increase interest in social problems among the population.

Founder BitLanders Rully Francesco (Francesco Rulli) said:

"Community BitLanders daily increased by 1,000 users. Some users have already become experts in Bitcoin, and the rest represent the community of gamers and fans of social networks. They are looking for new platforms and sources of incentive.

Bitcoin is an ideal currency to meet social needs. It helps to encourage participants BitLanders good works.

Users can increase their reward if they publish high-quality content and to donate to charity. This represents a major incentive for the development of the platform.

Donations can be made at the personal initiative of the user, as well as with the support of corporate sponsors. The minimum deposit is only 10 Satoshi. The amount is small, but it allows each user on our platform to contribute to the betterment of the world. "

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