Bitcoin ATMs have been installed in the capital city of Switzerland

Consulting company, a provider of solutions in the Bitcoin field Bitcoin Suisse AG has established bilateral bitcoin ATMs made BitXatm, in Bern, the Swiss capital.

Residents of Berne will now be able to easily buy and sell bitcoins, the commission is 5%, and the maximum limit of US $ 5159 per day.

Over the last year Bitcoin Suisse AG, with the support of two leading bitcoin companies BitXatm and Lamassu, established three bilateral and one-sided ATM in Switzerland.

Improved bitcoin ecosystem

In recent months, Bitcoin startups, including service providers for electronic wallets exchangers and consulting firms began to move to Switzerland in connection with the friendly environment and loyal to cryptocurrency legislation.

Earlier this year in Switzerland bitcoin was released from taxation on value added. VAT is one of the indirect taxes; subject to tax only the amount that was added to the value of the goods or service at each stage of the creation or distribution of goods or services. If Bitcoin was not released from VAT, it would lead to an increase in the commission charged by the ATM, which is already quite high.

Bitcoin Suisse Company received “Yes“ from the Swiss Service for Supervision of Financial Markets (FINMA) to install bitcoin ATMs in July 2014, a few weeks after the cancellation of the launch of their first bitcoin ATM in Zurich.

Then, the company explained that Bitcoin Suisse hitch that FINMA Bitcoin Suisse AG asked to postpone the launch bitcoin ATM due to the need to clarify some of the legal issues.

However, bitcoin start soon could reach an agreement with FINMA on the launch of its ATMs across the country legally. Today in Switzerland there is a network of Bitcoin ATMs.

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