The landlord of Saskatoon began to accept Bitcoin for the rent.

The landlord of Saskatoon began to accept Bitcoin for the rent. One of the stated reasons is the desire to help foreign students to reduce the cost of funds transfer.

Grant Sperdl is the owner of the house number 1311 on Temperance Street in the Canadian city of Saskatoon. He decided to accept Bitcoin for thr rent to help residents reduce the cost of bank transfers. He hopes that his decision will help people to think about using Bitcoin. According Sperdla, bitcoin is still very difficult to use. However, the Canadian responded with optimism about the future cryptocurrency in general.

"I have some bitcoins - not very much, but I know one thing: the more people use the system, the more valuable it becomes," - said Sperdl.

"Bitcoin is volatile, of course, but it will not be like that forever," - he added.

Sperdl going to announce a new payment options to his residents. He has ordered stickers that are going to put on the street near the building to let people know that the house is accepted cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Payment of rent in Bitcoin is not widespread. However, in February the London office of RE / MAX, the global real estate agency began to take rent for the property in three virtual currency, including Bitcoin. Last year, located in Manhattan real estate agency brokerage Bond New York has entered into a partnership with Coinbase and start accepting bitcoin payments for transactions related to real estate. In addition, Bitcoin used for real estate purchases in the luxury market BitPremier and selling homes Bitcoin RealEstate. Rentalutions, American online platform for the management of real estate, began to receive payments in bitcoins in 2013.

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